10 Things Your Child Needs from You

All parents know the challenges of parenting. It can be difficult to know  what each of our children needs to be a confident and thriving person. Each of your children is unique. As a parent, you can help build your child’s confidence and self-respect. Do you know the ten things your child needs from you today?

You might be surprised that your kids don’t need more toys or “things”. They don’t need more money. They definitely don’t need more electronic gadgets. In fact, most kids living in America don’t need anything money can buy.

Ten Things to Give Your Kids That Will Inspire Them Today

1. Your Unconditional Love
Kids need to know that their parents love them unconditionally. They need to know when they mess up, you will love them. When they have great success, you will love them. children must feel secure in that their parents love them unconditionally.

A parent’s love must be unconditional at all times. You cannot place conditions on your love. You cannot say if you do this, then I will love you—and you have to careful that your actions don’t communicate this. Your kids need for you to show them that you will love them all the time under any circumstance.

Tell them that you love them everyday, and give them hugs and kisses. They won’t mind, even if they pretend they don’t.

2. Your Time
It’s not always easy to give your time. We have projects, plans and goals that require time too. Sometimes, we have to let our goals go in order to give our time to our kids. Bringing up our kids is the most important goal at this time in our lives. Your kids will request your time. They will request to play games and have tea parties. Remember to give your time generously to them. 

3. Your Encouragement
Always encourage your kids. Encourage them to try their best even when it’s difficult. Encourage them to meet the challenges they have in school and sports. Let them know that you believe in them and that they can do anything they want to do.

4. Your Respect
Kids need their parents to show them respect. Show them that they are important and valued. If you have more than one child, of course, each of them will be different. They will have different abilities and talents. Respect each of their abilities and encourage the to do their best with their talents. Remember to not compare your kids to each other—it will frustrate them and you.

5. Your Listening / Attention
Have you heard your child say “Mommy, you’re not listening!” They probably shouted this at you because they felt you weren’t listening to them. Sometimes our kids feel they have something important to say when we are busy working on other tasks. By stopping what you are doing and listening to your child, you will show them that they are important to them.

As your kids get older, continue to have conversations with them. Make sure to have family dinners on a regular basis, with no electronics or games at the table. Ask questions about what each person did that day and try to learn something interesting.

6. Your Wisdom
We have many more experiences than our kids and are able to share our wisdom and experiences with them as they grow. Share your personal stories that your kids can relate to and examples from when you were their age to help them recognize you had the same type of experiences.

7. Your Example
It’s important that you live your life in a way that you are an example for your kids. Be the kind of person you want your kids to be when they grow up. We all make mistakes, but don’t let your mistakes become a poor example for your kids. Recognize your mistakes—even talk about them with your kids—then continue to improve yourself and be a great example for your kids.

8. Your Rules and Boundaries
As the parent, you have to set rules, boundaries and expectations for your kids. Boundaries give kids a safe parameter, even when they try to test the limits, they know you set these rules to help keep them safe.

9. Your Help and Support
Does your child struggle with one or more subjects in school? Do they need extra help with their homework? Give your kids your help. Show them that you too learned language arts and math in school. If your child is struggling with a particular concept, be patient and show them that you believe in them.

If your child has any issues with learning, you may want to look into alternate learning strategies to give them the extra support thy need to be successful in school.

10. Your Trust
Part of showing respect to your kids is showing that you trust them. We know our kids will not always do what we expect them to do, but we can give them the opportunity to do right by trusting them.  As they grow and become more responsible, we can give them more trust.

Trusting your kids can sometimes be difficult. Start with small things. Give them small tasks and responsibilities. If they are successful with them, give them more tasks and more trust.

Children who are supported by their parents are more likely to grow up as well-adjusted and successful adults. You can help your child by giving them your unconditional love, your support, your example.

What do your kids need from you to be successful?

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