15 Easter Traditions That Make Lasting Memories

Have you noticed how your family traditions make up some of your favorite childhood memories? Take a minute to think about it. What are some of your favorite family times together. Are they also family traditions? ester traditions are wonderful memories from my childhood of fun, laughter and family time together.

When I remember Easter, I remember times when my siblings and I hunted for Easter eggs and took the annual Easter photo in our new Easter dresses and suits. These traditions are fun times and wonderful memories.

15 Easter Ideas You’ll Want to Make Traditions

1. Easter Egg Hunt
I had to include the Easter egg hunt on the list. Easter egg hunts are classic fun for small children, but you can make them fun for your older kids too. A friend of mine tld me to keep her older kids interested in the Easter egg hunt, she would put money (coins, not bills) in the plastic Easter eggs.

Or, you can make it an Easter egg scavenger hunt. Start with a clue in one egg, then lead to another egg with another clue until you reach the big surprise.

2. Take an Annual Easter Picture
Your kids may be less than enthusiastic, but take the annual Easter picture. If you take a picture every year, take it in the same place (like in front of your favorite oak tree) and watch each year as your kids grow. Easter pictures make special memories.

3. Dye Colorful Easter Eggs
Dying Easter eggs is another fun classic tradition. You can make pretty colors to place in your Easter baskets.

4. Easter Flowers—The Easter Lily
Easter Lilies are beautiful flowers that bloom at Easter. Be sure to have an Easter Lily and spring bouquet of flowers in your home.

5. Plant an Easter Garden
Easter is about a time of renewal and making all things new. And it’s the perfect time to teach your child about gardening.

6. Bake Easter Treats to Share
You can make it a tradition to make a basket of treats to share with your friends and neighbors. Easter bunny cookies, rice krispie treats in spring colors, so many fun spring recipes that you can make and share.

7. Make an Easter Basket
Have fun making an Easter basket. You can include a few candies, but also include a book with the Easter story and items that share Easter.

8. Watch Easter Movies
Family movies are a wonderful way to spend some time together. Choose a few Easter movies like The Passion or The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Use the story from each movie to share the Easter story.

9. Have an Easter Breakfast or Brunch
Start your Easter with a special Easter breakfast before church or brunch after church. Choose special foods you can have every year to make it a traditional meal for your family.

10. Tell the Easter Story with Resurrection Eggs
Resurrection Eggs (can be purchased at Christian bookstores) share the story of Jesus through Easter eggs. Each egg has one item that tells the story of the resurrection.

11. Attend a Good Friday Service
You can make it a family tradition to attend a Good Friday service each year at your church.

12. Go to the Easter Sunrise Service
If you like to wake up early, make it a tradition to go to the sunrise service. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate Easter as the sun rises on Easter morning.

13. Create an Easter Tree
What’s an Easter tree you ask? It’s a small tree (table top size) decorated with colorful Easter eggs hanging from the branches.

14. Share a Passover Meal
Gather your family together and have a Passover meal. It’s a solemn meal that points us to the Old Testament hope and the New Testament realization of the final sacrifice for our sins.

15. Try an Easter Egg Roll
Just like at the White House, create your own Easter egg roll. Roll Easter eggs across your lawn. It’s so much fun. Can’t you just see your kids rolling those eggs now?

As you read this list, you were probably a little surprised by the many Easter traditions you are already doing each year. What small changes can you make that would make each of these traditions special and unique for your family?

What are your favorite Easter traditions? What unique Easter traditions does your family have?

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