15 Ways to Keep the Passion
Alive in Your Marriage

Daily demands, taking care of the kids and keeping up with your home can take time away from your marriage. All things are important, but it’s just as important to keep your marriage a priority as well. After being married for so long, it’s hard to keep that romantic spark you had when you were just newlyweds. But who doesn't miss that romance from the start of the relationship and wish to bring it back? Here are some tips that can help bring back that passion that you once had.

1. Be flirty. During the work week, instead of texting him a list of things to pick up, text him some flirty messages.

2. Say “yes” to going out. If your husband comes up with a fun idea for just the two of you say yes and make it happen. Sometimes it’s difficult if you can’t get a babysitter at the last minute or maybe you’ve got some other plans, but by saying “yes,” you’re keeping the door of opportunity open for a later date.

3. Shower him with compliments. Let him know how attractive you still are to him. Remind him how good a husband and father he is. Showing some appreciation goes a long way.

4. Make a bucket list of new experiences. I've always loved making bucket lists, even when I was single, and now even more so with my kids. But to keep the passion alive, it's just important to share new experiences with your spouse. If you need some ideas for a bucket list for you and your spouse, I've made a marriage bucket list.

5. It’s the little things that count. Does your husband like to sleep in on the weekends, but can’t because of responsibilities at home. Once in a while, try to plan a Saturday  where he can sleep in.

6. Give him a nice welcome home. When your husband comes home from work, make yourself up and put on some fresh clothing. Tidy up the house. Have dinner or a snack ready for him. Try not to give him tasks as soon as he gets in the door. Let him relax and allow his home to be a sanctuary to escape to from his work life. 

7. Make contact. Touch him often throughout the day. Any kind of physical contact will help keep you feeling connected.

8. Give him goose bumps. After years of marriage, my husband and I still sneak up and kiss each other on the neck. And I still get goose bumps after all these years. They shouldn’t end no matter how long you’re together

9. Date your husband. A lot of my married friends complain that they don’t have the time or money to go out on dates, but their marriages are hurting because of it. You have to take time out for each other and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can stay at home and have a indoor picnic and watch a movie. It may not be as exciting as going out to your favorite restaurant, but it’s still quality time between the two of you and that’s what counts.

10. Say no to a “girl’s night out.” I need a “girl’s night out once in a while but if my husband and I haven’t been on a date in a while or had enough quality alone time together, I rather say no to my friends and spend that time with him. My friends and I try to have a night out once in a while. But my husband and I have such limited time together, sometimes I just rather take the time to reconnect with him.

11. Laugh with him. Life can get so serious sometimes. Sometimes it’s so easy to joke around, play a prank, have a pillow fight, anything that gets us to laugh so we can forget about serious business for a while.

12. Put your children to bed early. Date night doesn’t come too often for couples with children and my husband and I were concerned about that for our marriage. So we decided to put the kids to bed an hour early. We decided to have one night a week where we all go to bed an hour early so my husband can have that extra time together. It’s an hour for just the two of us.

13. Maintain your bedroom. If your room is disorganized with laundry on the bed and toys on the floor, it’s not very inviting. Keep your room clean and organized so it’s a romantic area for you and your hubby.

14. Smile often. When my husband and I were dating, we always smiled at each other. But with a family now and tons of responsibility, stress shows often on my face more often than not and my husband sees it and becomes concerned. Life can be difficult, but it is still good. Instead of having him worrying about me, I’ll smile at him, showing him that we have a great life together.

15. Wear lingerie. It’s so easy to put on a pair of cotton or flannel pjs, but your husband would appreciate his wife dressing sexy. And it will make you feel sexy too!

How do you keep the passion in your marriage alive? I’d love to hear from you.