Math with Halloween Bats

Whether your child is having trouble with math or you just want a fun activity for your child to practice math, this Math with Halloween Bats activity is quite simple, but effective.

What you’ll need:
Black construction paper
White construction paper
Googly eyes
Black sharpie

Directions: Cut small squares from white paper. Take 2 squares for each math problem and write 2 numbers that add up to 10, or any numbers that you want to practice with your child. Then cut circles from white paper and write the sums of those numbers. Cut circles from black paper (bat head) and attach the white circles with the sums on them. Then add googly eyes and ears. Cut wings out of black paper and attach the white squares with numbers on them. Place the wings in pairs on the table and then place the heads (math sums) on the side. Let your child match the sums (bat heads) to the 2 numbers that add up to the sums. See the example below. I also have a math with Halloween bats printable. Check it out here.

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