Bear Catching Fish Math Activity

Bear Catching Fish Math Activity

This was a fun learning activity that the children enjoyed.

What you'll need:

Paper plate
Brown construction paper
Blue construction paper

White paper

Construction paper in various colors for the fish

Brown marker or paint
Black marker

Googly eyes

Have your child color the paper plate brown. For the bear's head, cut out a circle (about 5 inches diameter) from white paper and have your child color it brown and add googly eyes at the top.  Cut out a circle from brown construction paper, about 3 inches in diameter, and add a nose with a black marker. Cut out ears from brown paper and attach them to the back of the bear's head. Cut out paws and attach them to the paper plate. Take various colors of paper, cut fish shapes out of it and write numbers from 1 to 10 on them. Place some blue construction paper on the table and lay the fish on it.

To play this activity, have the bear catch fish by removing the fish from the "lake" and placing them on the bear. As you remove each fish, have your child count how many fish the bear has caught and how many fish are still left in the lake.

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