How to Save Money on Camping

One of my family’s favorite pastimes is camping. As a family of seven, traveling is not always in the budget, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun summer getaways. Camping not only allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, it provides tech-free quality time for the whole family. If you want to save on your camping trip, here are some budget-friendly tips.

1. Don’t buy new equipment.
If you’re going camping for the first time, you’ll need some key items, such as a tent, sleeping bags, chairs, a BBQ, a sun shade and general survival tools. All these items can quickly add up if you purchase at a store. Instead, check out Craigslist or Freecycle or asking family and friends.

2. Shop at home first.
Check your kitchen first for your camping grocery list. Dried and canned goods are perfect camping food staples, so go through your pantry for these items. Of course, no campout would be complete without hot dogs and s’mores. And don’t forget to bring lots of water.

3. Go camping with friends.
Camping with friends and family not only adds to the fun, but it can help everyone save money. You can share the supplies, groceries and the campground fee.

4. Compare camp site fees.
Campground fees vary depending on whether you’re using a state, federal or private campground. Do research and compare prices of the campgrounds in your area.

5. Make your own supplies.
There are camping essentials that you necessary to purchase, but luckily there are some diy projects also, such as mosquito repellent, lanterns and candles. Just do a quick search on Pinterest and you’ll find instructions on how to make your own and save money.

To save money on campfire wood, consider chopping wood from your backyard or look for free wood on Craigslist. Purchasing wood at campgrounds can be expensive.


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