Chicks and Eggs Alphabet Fun

Create these adorable Easter chicks and eggs to teach your child uppercase and lowercase letters.

How to make them: Create an egg shape, and make it look like it was cracked. Then cut another egg shape and make it look like a baby chick. Place uppercase and lowercase letters on the eggs and chicks and have your child match them up.

This was a fun game to play with the kids, and I needed some fun, stress free moments this week after the incident with my little boy.

If you have a son, I’m sure you’ve heard this one.  “It flew up my nose.” Or, in my mouth, or ear…just fill in the blank. What is it about little boys and putting things up their nose or other inappropriate places. I never had that problem with my daughters.

Boys come with a whole different set of problems. I feel that us moms with sons should have our own club.

This morning, somehow, while he was eating his Cheerios, a breeze came through the window, and blew one of the Cheerios up his nose.
A Cheerio blew up my nose, Mom.
“What?,” I exclaimed.
He repeated himself.
100—My kid had more common sense than that.
“Why in the world would you put something up your nose?
I didn’t. It blew up my nose. I swear.
Don’t swear. (At that moment, I was going to start swearing).
“That must have been one strong breeze” I said.
“Yeah, it sure was, he exclaimed, looking all innocent.
“We’re going to have to get it out. I gave him a tissue and told him to blow. After a few attempts, darn thing was still stuck. “Whatever you do, please do not sniff.
I got a pair of tweezers and walked towards him. He looked at the tweezers and cried out “It’s not going to hurt is it.”
No, I’m going to try not to hurt you.
100—“Try not to,” he cried out again, looking at me with those innocent blue eyes.
“I won’t hurt you,” I reassured him.
I crouched down and looked up. It looked like a small piece was jammed.
It took a few minutes and a lot of squirming, but it did finally come out.
I love my little boy to death, but I feel that boys come with a set of problems that I never had with my girls.

Boys. This is a whole new world to me. Sometimes I wish I had a son first when I was somewhat younger and had a lot more energy to keep up with him. He is definitely a handful. A cuddly handful, but a handful to say the least sometimes.

So like all stupid questions that 100—deserve a equally stupid response I asked “Why would you do that?

And of course he replied, I didn’t , it just blew right up there.

Of course.

My first thought was “Should I take him to the emergency room.” But that’s the last place I want to take him too, sitting there for hours being poked and prodded by strangers.
I can take care of this myself, I thought. No need to take to the hospital.

My husband seemed proud like our child just went through some secret rights of passage and he just passed the torch to his son. exclaimed “Boys will be boys. I did the same kind of 
90—thing when I was a kid.”

Oh, boy.


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