Father's Day Cards Kids Can Make

Father's Day Rocketship Card. We started with this rocketship card, added silver glitter glue on the bottom and a moon with a personalized note that says "Dad, I would go to the moon and back for you." This also makes a great activity to learn about shapes.

To make this, you will need:

Blue, yellow, red and white construction paper
Silver glitter glue

Cut out a rectangle for the body of the rocket. Cut out a blue triangle for the nose. Cut a triangle about 2 inches larger than the rectangle for the bottom. Cut out three yellow circles and place them on the rectangle. For the flames, squirt some lines at the bottom of the rocket with your glitter glue.

For the moon, cut out a circle, about three inches in diameter and write a personal message like ours.

Fingerprint Lion Father's Day Card. This fingerprint lion card was made by cutting a circle out of yellow paper and my child using his fingerprints to make the lion's mane. Then add googly eyes and cut out the nose and mouth with black paper or draw them in.

Handprint and Fingerprint Father's Day Gift. To make this card, cut out a tie shape (you can download a template). Add paint onto your child's hand and have her place it on the bottom of the tie. Then draw a heart with a pencil and have your child add her fingerprint along the heart shape.

Fingerprint Tie Father's Day Gift. Draw a tie or download a template and have your child make fingerprints for a personalized gift.


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