Frugal Festive Fall Decor

As the cooler weather approaches, nothing gets me more excited than decorating my home with festive decor. But the holidays can be quite an expensive time of year and we’re all trying to stretch our holiday budget as much as possible. Here are some tips to decorate your home beautifully on a budget.

Limit one-hit wonders. As we go through the stores this time of year, we’re inspired to buy real mini pumpkins to decorate our tables, holiday-inspired tableware and garlands with fresh flowers. But these are items that we use every year, so we wind up buying them each holiday season, which can really add up. I’m not saying not to buy real items at all, but just limit them to a few decorations.

Purchase reusable items. As previously mentioned, you should limit the amount of items that have a short window to use. Artificial pumpkins, gourds and flowers are just as decorative and they can be used year after year, which will save you a lot of money.

Use free resources. Nothing beats natural decor in my opinion. Take a nature hike with your family to find things like pine cones, acorns, dried grass, berries, leaves and tree branches and bring them home and decorate with them.

Fabric goes a long way in decorating. Table linens, runners and hand towels can quickly add warmth and a festive feeling to your home without spending too much money. Plus, if they’re cleaned and stored properly, you should be able to use them for many years.

Red is so versatile. Red can be used for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even in the fall. If you want to stretch your dollars, use red for your decor. Try buying items in red like tablecloths or runners, pillow covers, cloth napkins, etc. In the fall, you can mix in color like some orange and yellow for a vibrant autumn atmosphere. Red is a very versatile accent color and can easily add warmth to your home.


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