Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching Ghosts

The second best thing about Halloween for my kids after the candy are the crafts that we make. We made this not-so-scary haunted house for a fun educational activity. Your kids match the ghosts with the lowercase letters with the ghosts with uppercase letters.

To make this, start with two pieces of purple construction paper and adding some windows. Then take orange paper and cut one large triangle and two smaller ones, measuring so that they all fit on the top of the house. Then draw a window on each triangle. Draw a door on the house. See the drawing below for an example.

Cut out ghosts from white paper and write uppercase letters that you want to practice with your child. Place them on the windows either in alphabetical order or mix them up to make it a little more challenging. Then make ghosts with matching lowercase letters and place them on the table where your kids can read them and match them up.