30 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

There are many times around mid-afternoon when my kids start to get a little hungry and need a snack. I try to feed my family as many healthy meals and snacks as possible. But when you’re dealing with picky eaters who get tired of the same thing real fast, you have to get quite creative. If you run into the same challenge of figuring out what healthy snacks to give your fussy eater, try these ideas to entice your child.

Apple slices coated with cinnamon-sugar or Parmesan cheese

Applesauce, baked apples, or apple crisp

Bagel or English muffin with topping—pizza, cheese, fruit, or even baby food

Baked goods with yogurt and applesauce substituted for oils and sweeteners

Peeled banana frozen on a Popsicle stick

Banana slices coated with peanut butter

Ants on a log (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins)

Cereal that’s low in sugar

Whole grain crackers

Hard-boiled egg or egg whites

Fruit or lightly steamed vegetables

Frozen yogurt topped with fruit or nuts

Graham crackers

Granola bars

Fruit smoothies

Muffins made with zucchini, apples, or carrots

Peanut butter lollipop (peanut butter on a spoon)

Peanut butter roll up: spread the peanut butter on a slice of bread with the crust cut off, add jam, and roll it up like a tortilla

Pita bread topped with cheese or jam

Popcorn (topped with cinnamon or Parmesan cheese instead of butter)

Homemade fruit pops made from frozen juice

Baked potato or yam


Raisins and other dried fruit, like dates, figs and apricots

Rice and beans

Rice or popcorn cakes

Finger sandwiches

Snack mix that includes nuts, pretzels, cereal, and dried fruit

Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

Yogurt or drinkable yogurt

Cottage cheese with fresh or dried fruit


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