Heart-Shaped Bear for Valentine's Day

What child's favorite toy isn't their teddy bear. My son is so attached to his teddy bear, I couldn't help but come up with a bear-themed Valentine's day craft. This is such a cute craft that can also be a very sweet Valentine's day card also.

To make this, you will need:

Red and brown construction paper
Black magic marker

Craft glue or glue stick

For the bear's body, hold a red piece of paper horizontally and cut out a large heart. You can leave the heart blank or you can write a sweet message on it like what we wrote above, "I love you "beary" much". For the bear's head, take brown paper and cut out a heart that's about 2 inches smaller than the red heart. Draw in eyes, a nose and mouth. Glue the bottom edge to the back of the red heart. Cut out two small hearts from brown paper for the ears and attach them to the back of the bear's head. Then cut out paws from brown paper and glue them on the red heart. And there you have a homemade Valentine's day card to give to someone special.

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