Heart-Shaped Dog for Valentine's Day

We are all big dog lovers in my family. My kids love our dog and I believe having to take care of pets helps children learn the importance of being responsible. That's why I never had any qualms about having a dog, even when my first child was very small. She helped feed the dog and wash him. They were the few chores that she rarely complained about. 

Since my kids adore these sweet, furry creatures, we created this heart-shaped dog for Valentine's day. If your child loves dogs, they will enjoy this craft. If you have a dog, you can use your dog's coloring for the craft too.

For this craft, you'll need:

Red, pink and black construction paper
Pink paint
Googly eyes
Craft glue or glue stick

Holding a red sheet of paper horizontally, cut out a large heart. Place the heart upside down and add the eyes. Then cut out a black heart for the nose and glue it on the face. Cut out a pink tongue and glue the edge on the back of the bottom of the dog's head. Holding a red sheet of paper vertically, cut out two long hearts for the ears. Place some pink paint out and let your child fingerpaint some spots on the dog's ears. Glue the ears on top of the dog's head.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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