Heart-Shaped American Flag for Memorial Day
or the 4th of July

My older daughters came up with this idea—to make an American flag out of a heart. They cut out a heart with white construction paper. Then they drew a box in the upper left corner, drew a heart inside the box and wrote "I love my country" with a heart for love and another small heart with U.S.A. Then they colored the rest of the box in. For the stripes, they measured an inch for each of them and drew lines with a pencil and colored them in with a marker.

When they were finished, I asked them to keep it on the crafts table for a while. They may have thought I was going to put it on our refrigerator door. I was so proud of what they had made on their own, so as a surprise, I framed it and proudly hung it in our family room. They were beyond happy when they saw it hanging on the wall.


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