Valentine's Day Letter Box

For Valentine's Day, we wrote letters to each other and family and friends to show how much we cared for each other. It was a wonderful writing activity for my older children. My younger ones were able to practice writing and spelling their names.

I’ve heard of the terrible two’s. But not about the terrible three’s. I thought it would be getting better by now! But apparently not.  He my son still has tantrums.

I learned early on not to give into his tantrums, but when they happen in a public place.

If the twos were terrible, and the three’s were worse, what do the four’s have in store for me.

He's getting smarter and seems to be able to figure me out.
We had tantrums from the girls but they weren’t as vocal. There were more tears shed than actual screaming.
I try never to let my kids get their own way, but do try to let them know I’m willing to make certain compromises if I see fit. My husband and I always stand our ground, making sure they know who’s in charge.
I thought my son, who just turned four would be beyond the screaming by now. I have made it clear to him that screaming is not acceptable, and most of the time he respects that, but then there are still times when he doesn’t get his way and all hell brakes loose.
But when it comes to the screaming, the blood-curdling, skin-crawling, I want to get in my car and run away from home kind of screaming, I, like all the other mothers around the world, feel like I’m going to lose it. And I don't just mean, we’ll just sit here and have a screaming match until one of us passes out kind of lose it.  I mean go and hide in the closet and start eating my hair kind of lose it.

Take the magic marker. I started letting him use them for the activities we do. BIG MISTAKE! Instead of putting them away one day, he finds them and uses them as weapons. After I  actually had the nerve to say “no” to him. Yes, with his magic marker weapon in his hand.

I told him he can only use the markers at his table when we are making crafts.
He asked why and I explained to him that the markers can ruin our furniture.

He actually had the marker in his hand with the cap off, with his arm in the air, pointing to the fact that he was upset that I wouldn’t let him stay outside and play.

What are you doing with that marker  ____. Please give me the marker.

“No. Let me play outside,” he said.
Was that a threat? Did my little boy just make a threat!?

“No you can’t play outside. It’s too cold and I can’t watch you right now anyway.”

“But I want to PLAYYY in the SNOWWW!!!
You can play inside with your sisters. I promise you the snow will still be there tomorrow. Now, please give me that marker and go see what your sisters are doing.
After the ringing in my ears stopped, I said to him, “Please Brian, do what Mommy says.”
He started running around the house screaming NOOOO!  with the marker in his hand and I just started imagining black ink covering our living room walls and furniture.
I started chasing after him thinking why did I even think I needed to join a gym.

I finally catch him and pick him up, and now he’s screaming NOOO!!! directly in my ear, giving me temporary hearing loss.
I brought him to his room and told him he couldn’t come out until he calms down. I heard him screaming from all the way down the stairwell.
This wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it’s not the last.
It has happened at dinnertime. I try to get him to eat something different, and he’ll scream until we give up.

Then there are times when he actually throws himself on the ground, punching and kicking the floor, expecting to break the floor down and escape from us. Thank goodness this is rare but has happened enough.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m missing the terrible twos. They don’t seem so terrible anymore. Sigh.


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