Heart Penguin Catching Fish Math Activity

Since my daughter isn't too fond of math, I try to incorporate some fun in her learning activities. Since Valentine's day is approaching and there's still a frigid chill in the air, a penguin theme is perfect. In this this activity, your child will "fish" for the correct answers.

To make this craft, you'll need:
Construction paper: black, white, orange and assorted colors

Googly eyes
Black magic marker
Craft glue or glue stick

To make the penguin, hold a black sheet of paper vertically and cut out a large heart. Then, holding a white sheet of paper horizontally, cut out a heart and glue it on top of the black heart. Cut out a small orange heart for the beak and place it on top of the white heart. Cut out two orange hearts for the feet and glue them to the bottom of the penguin. Cut out two black hearts for the wings and glue the edges to the back of the penguin. Add googly eyes.

Cut out heart shapes for the fish and write the sums and the numbers that add up to them. Line up the numbers and place the sums on the side. Have your child help the penguin "fish" for the answers and place them under the correct numbers. 

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