Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow CVC Words

There's nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day, except maybe a hot cocoa activity that gets your kids excited about learning. I created this activity to practice CVC word with my kids. You can create any word group you want. For this activity, you'll need:

Construction paper of various colors, including white and brown

Cut out 2 or 3 (depending on how many CVC word groups you are practicing--you can switch them up too) box shape out of the paper and cut off the edges to create a shape of a mug. Cut out a handle like the sample below and glue it to the back of the mug. Then cut oval shapes from the brown paper for the cocoa and glue them on the top of the mugs. Cut pieces of white paper small enough to fit on the mug with the different word groups that you will be working on, ex. at, an, ed, it, etc. Place the word endings on the mugs. Then cut out small white pieces of paper for the marshmallows and write the words on them. You can place the words in random order and have your child place them on the correct mugs accordingly. I hope your child enjoys this activity as much as mine did.

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