Hot Cocoa Math

Has anyone been in the mood for hot cocoa as much as my kids have? Even though it's been unseasonably warm, my kids have been craving this delicious warm drink. After asking for it everyday for about a month now, I got inspired to come up with this learning craft and activity for my little ones to practice math.

For this craft, you'll need:

Different colored construction paper, including brown
White paper
Small white pom poms

First cut out 2 or 3 cups cups, they can be simple squares. Then cut out the handles and glue it onto the cups. then cut squares out of white paper and write numbers from 1 to 10. Cut out oval shapes out of brown paper for the cocoa and glue them onto the cups. Place number on the cups, give your child some pom poms and let him place enough pom poms according to the numbers n the cups. When he's don, replace the numbers on the cups with different ones and let your child work with those.

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