How to Get Housework Done with a Newborn

After I had my first baby, I struggled a bit with keeping the house cleaned. Every moment was spent nursing, dressing and changing diapers. When I wasn’t caring for my baby, I was trying to get my much needed rest while my little girl was sleeping. The house was sometimes quite a mess and I wasn’t always able to keep up with everything.

Here are a few tips that I wish I had known before I had my first baby.

Get Your Rest
Rest is hard to come by after having your baby, but it’s extremely important for you to be able to function. I know this post is about how to keep your home clean with a new baby but your needs and your baby’s needs should always come first. If you can’t function well, then you may just be fumbling around your house. I don’t know about other moms, but my pregnancy brain didn’t go away for quite some time after my babies were born. So trying to get things done without a clear head is hard and it can take longer than it otherwise would have. Rest as much as you can and try to sleep when your little one is sleeping.

Wear Your Baby
When you’re not resting, wearing your baby can really help you get chores done around the house while still being close to your little one. A wrap was a lifesaver for me. With practice, you can even nurse your baby while wearing them. After i stared wearing my baby, I noticed a huge difference in how much I was able to get done throughout the day. I didn’t have to wait to do household chores anymore! It also made it easier to sleep when my baby slept.

Baby wearing helps with bonding with your baby and gives you the freedom of two hands. I will usually do the following chores while wearing my baby:

sweeping and mopping
washing tables and counters
organizing and decluttering

What type of baby carrier do I get? I suggest using a sling or cloth baby wrap for newborns. They are the most comfortable for both baby and mom. Most structured carriers are not suitable for newborns. It does take practice to get them situated just right and I suggest practicing with a doll first.

Swing or Bouncer
For all the chores that are harder to do while wearing your baby like cooking over a hot stove or washing and putting away lots of dishes, a swing or bouncer is a great option. Finding a quality swing or bouncer that can be moved around where you go is an easy way for you to watch your baby ad your baby to see you too. sometimes all they want is to see what you are doing.

Disposable Dishes
Who wants to do dishes after bing up all day and night because your baby is up every two hours?

Buying paper plates in bulk was definitely on my shopping list before my second baby was born. i learned from the first time around that I hated my kitchen getting dirty the most. So, I bought the largest stack they sold at the bulk store.

Stocking up on paper plates, plastic utensils and napkins is also great for when you have a lot of extra company coming to your house to see your bundle of joy. 

After bring home your newborn, using a subscription service for your disposable dishes may be a good option too. It may help if you run out, and don’t feel like going out with your new baby. And it is also less expensive to use a subscription service.

A Helping Hand
I have to be honest and say that I have a hard time asking for help. I appreciate everyone’s help, but always feel bad when someone helps me do something that I am supposed to be doing myself.

The first few months after having a baby is definitely not a time to feel bad about accepting help though. Whether you have family, friends or neighbors that want to help out, let them. the first few months are the hardest and your new precious baby needs your full attention and you need to feel rested.

Meals and Dishes
Go for basic meals that are fast, easy to make and that don’t require a lot of extra dishes to prepare what you’re making. I love freezer meals the first month or so. I’ve always prepared a few weeks worth of frozen meals when I was pregnant in preparation of postpartum. If you don’t have any meals made and frozen you can just make double of what your dinner is an then freeze it for the following week.

You can also set up a meal service delivery to send you healthy meals and that all ready prepared for you. This takes the guess work out of what to make and save you a lot of time in the kitchen. Even if is just one meal out of the day, it may end up giving you more special time with your new baby lest time preparing food, more rest time for you and less dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Cleaning Service
If you find yourself extremely exhausted or don’t have enough time to get all the housework done, hiring a cleaning service might be a good option for you until you’re ready to handle it all on your own.

Write It Down
I have a tendency to doddle when I am cleaning sometimes. Make sure you don’t do this and get straight to the business of cleaning and getting it done before your baby needs you again. if you find yourself still having baby bring while you are trying to clean, write out a list of what you need to do when your head is clear. Whether it be a print out, on your phone or on a piece of paper, having a list of what needs to be done will  help you stay on track.

What are your tips for getting housework done with a newborn?

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