How to Plan a Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Your baby’s first birthday is very special. Because of how important this special milestone is, many parents decide to celebrate it with a cake smash photo shoot. A cake smash photo shoot is a wonderful way to record the memories of your baby’s first birthday. If you’re sure how to plan your cake smash photo shoot, check out these tips.

Finding the Right Photographer
When planning your cake smash photo shoot, you’ll want to find the right photographer. If you already have a photographer who has taken pictures of your baby, this person might be the best choice to do the photo shoot if they have the experience needed for a cake smash. If not, look for a photographer that is good with young children and that has the right equipment needed to do a high quality photo shoot.

Finding the Right Cake
You’ll also want to have the right cake for your cake smash photo shoot. Try to go with a cake that’s decorated with the theme of your baby’s first birthday party. This would make the photo perfect to use for a birthday invite or as a memory for your baby’s scrapbook. A baker will usually do both the actual birthday cake with a smash cake added on for a small fee. If not, make your own smash cake! If you do make your own smash cake, you should choose a cake that is easy to smash. One with a thin base and lots of whipped or buttercream frosting is a fun choice.

Decorating for the Photo Shoot
Your photographer will probably have some decorations on hand to make your smash cake photo shoot look great. However, if possible, try to use some decorations from your baby’s first birthday party. Using the decorations from the party will give your cake smash photo shoot a more personalized look.

Dressing for the Cake Smash
Your child’s outfit is an important part of the cake smash. You can have a nice set of clothing to start the pictures. When wearing these clothes, the cake is usually just used as a simple prop. Afterwards, you’ll want to change your baby into more appropriate attire, such as a diaper cover or tutu. This will help prevent staining on your baby’s nice clothes and will make it easier to clean up after.

Preparing Your Baby
Oftentimes, parents are disappointed with their cake smash photo shoot because their baby doesn’t know what to do with the cake. In order to eliminate this problem, prepare your baby with a practice session. Bake a cake yourself since you don’t have to pay for a fancy cake for a practice photo shoot. Then, sit down with your baby and play with the cake together. Get your baby used to the feeling of frosting between their fingers or smeared on their cheeks. This will help make the cake smash photo shoot a smashing success.

What tips do you have for planning a cake smash photo shoot?


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