Mitten and Snowball
CVC Word Practice

I came up with this activity as a fun way to teach my young ones CVC words.

For this activity, you'll need:

Construction paper of various colors, including white
Black sharpie

First, cut mittens out of various colors of paper. You can write the ending to each word group that you want to practice with your child. You can also write them on small slips of paper and place them on the mittens and switch them to make it easier. Then cut out snowballs and write CVC words on them and place them on the side in random order. I made a few CVC word groups — for example, -at (cat, mat, sat), -it (fit, kit, lit), etc. — and continued with the remaining vowels. Place a few mittens with the CVC endings and have your child match the correct CVC word snowballs to them.

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