10 Ways To Make Mother's Day More Special

Mother’s Day is finally approaching and I’m getting ready to shower the moms in my life with love and affection and, of course, something to unwrap. Personally, I feel that Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day, but since we only get to celebrate these wonderful women in our lives once a year, we should try to make it as memorable as they are. Here are 10 ways to show how much you care.

Create a custom gift basket centered around her hobbies and interests. Does she enjoy cooking. Give her a subscription to a cooking magazine or a personalized apron. Does she have a green thumb? Create a gift basket with a seed kit and some flowers from the local nursery that she can enjoy planting in her garden.

2. Buy a personalized gift like a necklace with her children’s birthstones.

3. Take her on a weekend spa getaway where she can be pampered. If you can’t get away, try a local spa

4. Enroll her in a class or take a class with her like yoga or a flower-arrangement class.

5. If it’s one thing that moms get overwhelmed about, it’s housework. Volunteer to do some housecleaning or run some errands for her.

6. Create a Mother’s Day card.

7. Have a beautiful family portrait done.

8. Make a video—Gather family and friends and talk about all the special moments they’ve spent with her.  A wonderfully memorable gift that she could watch over again.

9.  Make a special meal for her. Make a special dinner or serve her breakfast in bed. Or have a potluck where she can celebrate with family and friends.

10.  Purchase some tickets to a play or a musical.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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