Penguin Birthday Party

On light blue card stock, download pictures of penguins and add this wording: "Waddle on over to (child’s name) Penguin birthday bash. It will be a really COOL party." Add party details.

Decorate your walkway and floor with artificial snow.  Purchase black, white and orange balloons and streamers. Hang snowflakes on the walls and from the ceiling.

For the tables, purchase a white tablecloth, black and white plates, orange cups, white napkins and black and white plastic silverware. Add artificial snow on the table. You can also use a shiny light silver tablecloth to represent ice. Place penguin toys on the table. Place bowls of goldfish crackers on the table.

For centerpieces, take plastic bottles and add some water in each one (so they can’t get knocked over easily). Spray paint them black, covering the whole bottle except for the center. Cut out the beak and feet with orange paper and tape them to the bottles. Add googly eyes. These can be used for table decorations and a Penguin Bowling game if you choose to play. See game details below.

Crafts and Activities
Have the movie “Happy Feet” playing in the background. You can even have a “Happy Feet” dance competition during the party. Who dances the fastest, who has the best moves, who has the funniest moves, etc.

Pass the Egg

There were two teams and each one had to pass an egg (a large ball) that they hold between their legs. If they drop an egg, they could pick it up, but the first team to pass their egg to the last person in line wins the game.

Waddle like a Penguin

Tie the kids’ feet together using ribbon around their ankles and have them place balloons under their shirts. They looked really cute waddling up and down the room.

Penguin Bowling

You’ll need about 8 to 12 bottles. Place the bottles on one side of the room and have the kids knock them over with a ball. Have an adult stand the bottles up after they are knocked down after each kid’s turn.

Feed the Penguin

Download a large picture of a penguin on poster board and cut out a hole around the penguin’s stomach. Have the kids throw plastic fish through it.
Sugar Cube Igloos
Make igloos with sugar cubes and frosting. You can divide the kids into teams and see which team builds theirs the fastest.

Paper Plate Penguin Craft
We recently made these cute paper plate penguins for a party I threw for a 5-year-old-boy. See the instructions below.

Party Food
Sandwiches and cookies cut with fish-shaped cookie cutters, goldfish crackers, sno-cones

Penguin Cake

Bake a large cake for the body and a smaller cake for the head. Frost the centers with vanilla frosting and the edges with chocolate frosting. Use edible googly eyes. Take orange candy roll-ups and cut a beak and feet and place them on the cake.

Party Favors

Penguin coloring books or pages, penguin stickers, goldfish crackers, penguin toys (plush or plastic toys—you can find packs of about 10 or more on Amazon)

Paper Plate Penguin

To make these, you will need:

1 large paper plate
1 small paper plate
black paint or black marker
orange construction paper
googly eyes

Take the small paper plate and paint the top of the "head" black. Cut a beak out of the orange construction paper and glue onto the plate along with a pair of googly eyes.

Paint the two sides of the large paper plate for the penguin's body. Cut out 2 hearts out of the construction paper and add to the back of the plate to make the feet.

Tape the small plate onto the large one and you'll have a cute paper plate penguin.

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