Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching Pumpkins

Letter matching activities like this Pumpkin Patch Letters one has made a huge difference for my preschooler who has had some difficulty with upper and lowercase letters. If your child is having difficulty or you just want a fun way to practice their letters, try this activity out.

What you’ll need:
Orange construction paper
Green construction paper
Black sharpie

Directions: Cut out pumpkin shapes from the orange paper and write upper and lowercase letters on them. You can create the whole alphabet or just certain letters you’ve been practicing with your child. Place the green paper on the table. Place the uppercase letter pumpkins in random order on the green paper. Place the lowercase letter pumpkins on the side where your child can see them and let your child match the pumpkins. When your child is done matching the pumpkins, you can reverse the game and place the lowercase letters on the green paper and have your child match the uppercase letters to them.

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