Share Something You Are Grateful For

A bunch of us moms starting getting together awhile back to provide support for one another. It started pretty casual, and we were able to help each other out sometimes, but somehow it took a wrong turn and a lot of us had difficulty seeing outside ourselves and we just wound up feeding into each other's frustrations instead. It also fed into each of our competitiveness streak. It wasn't the group we intended. 

We still felt strongly about keeping the group intact, so we figured we had to quickly switch gears.

Every evening at dinnertime, I always ask my children something that they are grateful for that day. This not only helps them be more appreciative, but it also helps them turn a negative situation into a positive one.

I have to proudly admit, I learned this lesson from my eight-year-old daughter when we were driving to school one day.

Since we hit these obstacles, I figured we can use this same idea for our group. Let’s start off with something we're grateful for and build on that.  By sharing what we were grateful for, our troubles and frustrations decreased and we all seemed less stressed and somewhat happier.

One mother started to see the growth opportunity to become more patient with her toddler who saw every mealtime as an opportunity to have a food fight. “Like all stages of childhood, this too shall pass. But before I know it, his childhood will pass before my eyes, so I might as well try to enjoy every moment instead of becoming upset and aggrevated,” she said.

One mother complained that her daughter had a knack for asking her mother to come to her room after bedtime. She always seems to want to talk when I put her to bed in order to stay up a little later. But at least she wants to talk to me now.  And if I make myself available to her now, she’ll be encouraged to talk to me in her adolescent years.


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