Simplify Cooking Meals For Your Family

Weekdays are so packed with work, school, errands and activities, that it’s not easy to always create a nutritious meal for my family, but it’s not something I want to skimp on either. Some of my children are picky eaters, and that can make meal-planning rather challenging also. These are a few tips that I use to ensure that I can feed my family a nutritious meal that they will enjoy.

Create Weekly Meal Plans. Writing out meal plans is easy to do and prevents you from fretting during the week about what you’re going to cook. It also helps you save money because you will shop for the exact ingredients you are going to use and nothing will go to waste.

Stock Up on Staples. I always keep my pantry and freezer stocked with meat, vegetables and dried staples like rice and beans that I can use for a quick and easy go-to meal.

Freeze Meals. Your weekday schedule may be packed and it can be challenging to prepare a meal after a long day. Taking some time on the weekends to cook up a few meals and freezing them can keep you from running to a fast food place where you’ll spend too much money and serve a meal that lacks in nutrition.

Use Your Crockpot. If you have some time in the mornings, you can just toss in some ingredients in the crockpot and you’ll have a wonderful meal waiting for you in the evening.

Keep A List of Favorite Recipes. Even with a weekly plan, occasionally my children will ask for something different than what I planned for that evening. Either they're tired of a certain food, or they just want to have something a little more special. So instead of trying to figure out what to make instead, I can refer to my family’s favorites.

Experiment with New Recipes. When it was just my husband and I, apart from eating at different restaurants, we didn’t experiment with different recipes so much. After we had children, I didn’t want them to get bored being served the same meals all the time. Now, I get my kids involved in meal preparation. I even let them come up with ideas and suggestions for new and different recipes. When we go food shopping together, I try to let them pick up ingredients that they want to try for new recipes.


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