The Library: More Than Just Books

The library is more than just books. It is full of so many free resources that we tend to overlook. The next time you visit your library, make sure all the services and activities it provides!

1. Join a Book Club. With our busy schedules, it’s quite a challenge to find the time to enjoy a good book. By joining a book club, you’ll sort of have an accountability group to support you in your reading quests.

2. Take your Kids to Story Time. During the summer months, when I ran out of things to do with the kids, I would take them down to the library to give them something different and to allow myself some time to catch up on my own work. And there was no guild since they loved every minute of it.

3. Free Wireless. This is quite useful to me. While the kids were involved in storybook time, I would take advantage of the free wireless that the library offers and go into a corner and get some work done.

4. Check out DVDs. There’s always Redbox, which is still pretty cheap, but you can borrow the same movies for free at the library. Then there are older movies that you can’t find at a movie rental kiosk. You can probably find them on Netflix, but again, you can get them for free at the library.

5. Check out Audio Books. I’ve always loved reading, but since time is limited, I love listening to audio books. Listening to audio books in the car or while I’m doing housework allows me to conveniently enjoy my favorite books.

6. Borrow eBooks. I love encouraging my kids to read so I always try to have access to as much reading material as possible. You can check out your library’s database of eBooks and check them out on your computer.

7. Book a Meeting Room. One thing that has been super helpful to me since I’ve started a business is being able to use a meeting room at the library. Most of my business is online, but sometimes I’ll have a client who lives nearby and it’s easier to meet directly. If you need to have business meeting, this is a good option.

8. Trace your Family Geneology. If your child needs to research your family’s history for a book report or you’ve always wanted to learn about your ancestry, if you grew up around the area, you can find materials that will help you trace your ancestry.


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