Time Management Hacks for Busy Moms

Do you feel like sometimes time is just slipping away from you? Do you need more efficient ways to save time in your schedule? Did you spend too much this morning getting your child’s backpack organized, making them late for school. Or maybe time was wasted looking for a lost shoe? Here is a list of time management hacks that you can implement to help you make your day run smoother.

Prepare the Night Before
• Select what you plan to wear the night before and include all accessories and shoes.
• Select your kids’ outfits the night before so there’s no fussing in the morning about what to wear. Have their shoes out too.
• Prepare lunches and backpacks the night before. Make sure homework, books and lunch money is packed the night before. Don’t forget gym bags for PE and any musical instruments.
• Pack your own briefcase or work bag. Prepare lunch for yourself and your spouse.
• If you have a baby, pack the diaper bag. Remember to include baby formula, diapers, extra clothes.

Preparing in the Morning
• Get up before your kids to give yourself time to start the day. Do something you enjoy like read or meditate.
• Get up the first time your alarm rings. Don’t allow yourself to hit the snooze button to get an extra 5-10 minutes. That extra few minutes will not make you feel better during the day, but getting it may make you late and add more stress to your day.
• Get your kids dressed first, especially your little ones. I always help my youngest ones get dressed first and then let them go eat breakfast while I am dressing rather than waiting to dress them when I am ready. If they’re dressed, we can leave when I am ready. The older kids just need reminders.
• Keep your closet organized. Have all your blouses in one section and your skirts and pants in another section. You can organize by color to make everything easy to find. Keep your shoes matched on a shoe rack or organizer.
• Have simple and healthy breakfasts available to eat. Weekday morning are not the time for elaborate breakfasts.
Simplify your steps for getting ready. If it’s not absolutely necessary, skip it.

Home Cleaning
• Have a cleaning schedule and follow it. Maybe you prefer to do all the cleaning in one day. Or maybe you do one chore every day. Decide on your schedule and stick to it. If you start skipping a day, it’s easy to keep skipping days and you will quickly fall behind in your housecleaning.
• Keep a bucket with your cleaning supplies (a few rags, counter cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, etc.). When you start your cleaning chores, bring this bucket with you so you have all your supplies.
• Pick up every day. Do a 5-10 minute pick-up every day. Put away items that have been left in the wrong place, wipe down counters, and sweep the floor.
• Clean out clutter once a week. Empty “catch-all drawers”, remove unwanted items from one room, clean out a closet. Each time you declutter you will find ore items you are ready to let go.
• Have a place for everything. If it has a place that it should go, then you’ll know when it’s out of place and creating more clutter. You will be able to find it when you need it. If it doesn’t have a place, find a place for it or throw it out.

What is your best time management tip?