Keep Your Kid's Room Clutter Free

I find that the less clutter that are in my kids’ bedrooms, the easier they are to maintain by my kids. If there’s too much clutter, it can be quite stressful for them to clean. For that matter, too much clutter makes it too stressful to clean myself!

To keep your kids room more tidy and organized, try these simple tips:

Declutter and get rid of all unused items. Throw them out, or if they’re in good condition, donate them or sell them for a nice profit. If you’re not sure what to get rid of, the general rule of thumb is, if it hasn’t been used in at least six months, throw it out.

Set limits. Sure we want to provide for our kids and try to give them what they want, but prevent it from getting out out of hand by setting limits on the quantity of toys and clothes that you buy them. I set a specific amount of items for each child and don’t purchase anything additional until I get rid of stuff.

Declutter routinely. With birthdays and holidays, kids will receive more stuff from family and friends. Do routine checks to keep all those additional items under control. 

Don’t get enticed by good deals. Sometimes, we’ll get excited to find a good deal, like buy one, get one free deals, but if your child doesn’t need it, you’re just wasting money and space. Plus, unless you can pass along an item to a younger child, it can be a big waste since kids outgrow their clothing so quickly.

What are your decluttering tips? Please share them in the comments below.


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