Tips to Keeping Fit for Stay-At-Home Moms

Keeping fit as a stay at home mom is not always easy. Between taking care of our family, cleaning the house and running errands, there’s little time to keep up a workout routine.  As a homeschooling mom of six kids and a home-based business, it’s not always easy to prepare healthy meals and find the time to exercise. While most of us can’t afford a home gym or have time to go to the local Y or gym, you can try incorporating some of these ideas to help you compensate:

 • Go outside. Take advantage when the weather is nice and go outside with your kids. Whether you take your kids to the park and push them on the swings or play ball in the yard, there’s a lot more opportunity to be more active outdoors than inside the house.—mine

• Play inside with your kids. You don’t have to rely on nice weather to stay fit and your kids need to burn all the energy they have, so try a few fun play exercises. Play follow the leader with exercises where you lead them in jumping jacks or running in place or  you can play tickle tag with them where you chase your children around a room and tickle them when you catch them).

• Walk when/where you can. If you can walk to the store or even park at the furthest location in the parking lot, just a few extra steps can make a difference. There’s a deli about half a mile from our house and I’ll take the kids and we’ll walk there instead of drive. Instead of taking an elevator up to my husband’s office, I’ll walk up the stairs. Adding a few steps a day count a lot in the long run. mine

• Use workout videos that are 30 minutes or shorter. It can be challenging to fit a 60 minute workout into our daily routines, but a 30 minute routine is more do-able. There are some great videos that you can purchase, or for something more economical, try some videos on YouTube. Try squeezing a few of those in week and you will definitely see some results.

• Avoid picking off plates. Are you ever at the kitchen table and someone leaves a cookie or two or maybe some crackers? Even though you are tempted to finish them off, place them in their original containers when your children leave the table. A few snacks may seem innocent enough, but those calories can add up quickly.

• Cleaning can not only be great exercise, but you can make it fun by letting your kids help you. My children enjoy being “mommy’s assistant” and by making it fun for them, we all have a dance routine while cleaning. We’ll play music and dance around the room while dusting, cleaning out trash cans, changing bed sheets.

Do you have any tips for staying fit? I would love to hear them!


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