Action Play for Toddlers

Fly Like A Bird

Call out an animal and the action you want your child to imitate. For example, “Fly like a bird” and have your child flap her arms in the air. You can also ask her to gallop like a horse, slither like a snake and hop like a frog.

Pop! Goes the Weasel.

Have your child crouch on the floor. Play the song and when the song gets to “pop, ask your child to pop up.

Jack and the Beanstalk—Read parts of the story and when you get to the Giant, have your child stomp like a giant. When you get to Jack, have him tiptoe around like Jack. Play some music in the background to make this game even more fun.

Stick Horse

You can use a new broom for this activity or make it more fun and cut a shape of a horse’s head and let your child draw the face and color it. Attach it to a wooden dowel and let your child gallop around.

Walk the Line

This is a great activity to help your child practice balance and coordination.  Place a piece of rope on a straight line on the floor. Let your child walk on it like a tightrope walker. If your child needs help at first hold one or both of his hands until he get used to it.

To make it more fun, hold one end of the rope and wiggle it, having your child jump over it.

Hula Hoop

Lay a hula hoop on the floor and let your child jump and out of it.

Jumping Bugs

Take a bed sheet or large towel and place some rubber insects and pump the sheet up and down to make the bugs jump.


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