Art Activities for Toddlers

Painting Activities

Paintbrush Alternatives
Let your child paint with different objects: use squeeze bottles or spray bottles, cotton balls, drinking straws and pipe cleaners. You can even use  vegetables like celery which make pretty roses or cut an apple in half for apple printing.

Shaving Cream Finger Painting

Toddlers love the feel of the shaving cream squishing through their fingers, and they enjoy the fresh smell as well. If you child can keep the mess contained on the pan, cleanup will be nice and easy.

What You’ll Need:
Nontoxic shaving cream (a non menthol variety)
Large baking pan or cookie sheet

Squirt a blob of shaving cream on the baking pan in front of the child.

Encourage your child to smear and squish the shaving cream around, as he would with finger paint. Some children will dive right in, while others may be very reluctant to do this.

When your child is finished, simply wash the pan with ot, soapy water to remove the sticky shaving cream.

Sticker Shapes
Use different shape stickers like star-shaped stickers or animal shapes. Let your child place them on a piece of paper and then paint over the stickers on the whole sheet. When the paint has dried, let your child remove the stickers to reveal all the shapes.

Mirror Image Painting
Fold a piece of paper in half. Let your child paint a design one side of the paper. Fold the paper in half and have our child gently rub over the painted side. Then have him unfold the sheet of paper to reveal the mirror image on the other half of the paper.

Water Color Resist With Crayons

Resist, means that the crayon will repel the water color away from it. If you use a white crayon during this activity, your kids eyes may pop out!

What you'll need:

Water Color Paints (preferably dark colors)
Paint Brush

Crayons (preferably light color crayons, even white)

Draw a picture on the paper with crayons.
Now use water color to paint over the entire paper.

Sun Catchers 

What you'll need:

A clear plastic lid
hole puncher
colored tissue paper
white craft glue

Punch a hole in the lid and attach string for the hanger.

Your toddler can help tear tissue paper into scraps.

Have your toddler glue the scraps onto one side of the lid.

When the lid is dry, hang in a window.


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