Treasure Hunts for Toddlers

Follow the Trail Treasure Hunt

This game is easy to set up and will entertain your toddler for quite some time.

What You’ll Need:

1 roll of crepe paper (a long ribbon may be substituted instead)
Favorite toy or prize

Thread the streamer in a trail around the room or house. Weave it around he couch, under the table, and so on—the goal is to make an interesting and challenging path for your child to follow.

Attach a favorite toy or a small prize at the end of the streamer for your child to find.

Give your child the loose end and have him allow along the path to find the treasure.

Puzzle Hunt

Here’s a new way to interest your child in puzzles and problem solving. It is best to use a puzzle that your child knows and can complete. Jumbo floor puzzles work best for this activity, but you can use any favorite jigsaw puzzle.

What you’ll need
1 puzzle with all the pieces

Remove 1 piece of the jigsaw puzzle and set it on a table. Hide the remaining puzzle pieces. You can choose how hard you want the search to be. For a younger child, you may wish to scatter the pieces in plain view and face up.

Bring your child into the room. Show him the single piece and explain that he needs to find the missing pieces in order to complete the puzzle.

Hide the Dog Bones

Cut out bones from paper and number them. Hide them around a room and have your child find them and then count them.


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