Use Your Freezer to Save Money and Time

One of my favorite money saving tips in the kitchen is using the freezer. From batch cooking to finding good deals on fresh produce and freezing it for later use has helped me with huge savings on groceries. Use these tips to save money and time with your freezer.

1. Freezer cooking. Taking a few hours on the weekend to batch cook will save me time during the week and I’ll have enough prepared meals for up to a few weeks.

2. Buy in-season produce and freeze it. Buying produce when it’s not in season will cost you much more than when it’s in-season. Stock up on fruit and vegetables when it’s they're in season to get the best prices and freeze them to use later.

3. Control food waste. Freeze food that is going bad so it doesn’t go to waste. Bread can be used for croutons in salads, bananas for muffins or pancakes and milk for baking. You can even freeze leftovers to serve at another time.

4. Make your own convenience foods. Making simple breakfast sandwiches the night before or on the weekends and freezing them saves time on hectic mornings and is healthier and less expensive than the packaged products.

5. Buy in bulk. Big box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer huge discounts for large quantities. I’ll purchase the ingredients that I use most often and freeze them, saving me money for our meals. Another option is to join a grocery buying club which consists of families who combine their grocery lists to buy large quantities of food at wholesale prices from local farmers and distributors.


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