Ways to Make Money with Amazon

I have to admit it, I’m a huge fan of Amazon. I’ve talked about how Amazon has helped me save both time and money through their different programs like Amazon Prime and Amazon Mom, with savings from clothing to household items and their convenient auto-delivery.

But then I delved into it more and found some great opportunities to earn money with Amazon. I have written about how I’ve made money selling gently used clothing on Amazon and now I want to share with you even better opportunities Amazon has created to earn an extra income.

Amazon Affiliate
As a blogger, I love being an affiliate, not only because it helps me earn more money, but because I get to recommend some great products to other moms that can help them. One of my favorite affiliates is Amazon Associates. While the commission starts out low and it takes time to build a side income, it’s definitely worth signing up since Amazon is one of the most trusted online merchants and they carry almost every kind of product.

Amazon FBA
A growing side hustle is Amazon’s FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon. How it works is you purchase merchandise at the lowest prices and send it to Amazon to store and ship. You can find low priced items by purchasing through wholesale companies, clearance sections in stores, thrift stores, even your own home. You then sell the items at a markup and Amazon ships the items to the customer.

Mechanical Turk
Mechanical Turk offers opportunities to get paid for completing simple tasks online including taking surveys, writing reviews, transcription and data entry. The pay for tasks is low, ranging between 1 cent to $5 or more. But since most tasks take only a few minutes to complete, your earnings can add up quickly.

Kindle eBooks
It has never been easier to self-publish your own book, but it’s not always as simple to make money from it. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can increase your sales with Amazon’s built-in customer base and affiliate program. There’s no upfront cost for selling your eBooks, but instead, you’re paid a royalty that depends on the price of your book.


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