Ways to Save on Family Entertainment

Life can get so busy and stressful, it’s important for our family to take the time and go on a special outing. Whether we attend a local festival, go hiking in a state park or just take in a movie, these little treats help us get out of our daily routine and relax as a family. But taking your whole family on an outing can get expensive. Here are a few ideas to save on family entertainment.

1. Create an Entertainment Budget. Create a budget and decide what form of entertainment you want to put your money towards. You don’t want to do too much because that may likely make you overspend. Have a family meeting and have a vote on what you want to do as a family. Decide on whether you want to explore a new town, go to local events, go to movies, etc.

2. Take Advantage of Coupons. Visit the website of the event that you want to attend to see if they have any coupons. You can also check out restaurants.com for coupons for local events and attractions.

3. Check for Free Events. Go online to search for events that are happening in your community. Check your town or city website (and surrounding areas) and check the community calendar to find events that are usually free or inexpensive.

4. Consider Purchasing an Annual Family Pass. If you live near a theme park, you might want to consider purchasing an annual pass. Similarly, if there’s a state or national park close by, look into purchasing an annual parks pass.

5. Bring your own food. Many events have food vendors that offer a lot of great food that is very tempting to snack on throughout the day. But the food at these concession stands are way overpriced. I prefer to pack sandwiches, snacks and drinks for the day, probably saving us double the cost of admission!


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